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[tags: international community, donor nations] - How does Education Affect Girls in Poor Countries According to a new UNESCO policy paper 58 million children aged 6 to 11 are still out of school.

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What is your response to the global health inequalities that exist.

Step two: I have chosen the question about because I can relate to it the most and also it is a global issue.

It would be great if there is a central organization like UNO that allocates one issue to each rich country.

Since rich countries are innovative and have a strong economy they can certainly help in preventing these issues.

We discussed some ideas and wrote paragraph 2 together: In my opinion, it is a bad idea to simply give financial aid to governments of poor countries.

If rich countries do this, there is a risk that the money will not go to the people who need it most.Since I have spent a reasonable time i both poor/developing and wealthy/developed country.I have lived in India for six years after I have fleet from Tibet with is occupied by communist china, and it has been more than five years since I start my life in Australia....They have adopted the habit of estimating and including international aid in their national budgets to reduce their balance of trade deficits.It is believed that foreign aid is necessary for poor nations in order to break the cycle of poverty that ties their citizens in low productivity zones and so their economy will not be weak....A poor country or a low-income economy is defined as a country with a Gross National Product per capita of 5 dollars or less....[tags: Economics Politics Political] - Step one: Why do poor countries have a predominance of infectious disease as opposed to the lifestyle-related diseases of wealthy countries.In this way, if every country partners with other poor nations, definitely poor countries can develop.The second way to help the poor countries is through understanding the areas where these countries are struggling right now and taking the right steps towards improving the situation. For instance, in Africa, the unemployment rate is 75% and in Somalia, the infant mortality rate is 50%.Governments may misuse the money they are given because they do not have the resources or the know-how to tackle the causes of poverty.In some cases, corrupt politicians have become rich while their citizens continue to suffer.


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