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During her time as an abolitionist, Harriet became friends with other members such as Frederick Douglass, who was also known to help in the Underground Railroad effort.John Brown was another abolitionist that she came to know, although he promoted more violent methods for freedom than Tubman.

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Even with her poor economic condition, Tubman freely gave to those in need.

In 1903 she donated a piece of her land to the African Methodist Episcopal Church and in 1908 The Harriet Tubman Home for the Aged was opened on the site.

Definitely, this person is Harriet Tubman – an outstanding woman who greatly contributed to the antislavery movement.

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Underground Railroad, African-American abolitionist, “Moses”, “she never lost a passenger”...

Harriet Tubman Research Paper

What person comes to your mind when you hear these words?By the way, our writers can help you to ace your grades. If you are short on time but you want to write an excellent essay on Harriet Tubman, use the following outline. Harriet Tubman was born a slave on a plantation in Maryland.Harriet helped in the Civil War effort as a cook and a nurse and helped by being an armed scout and spy for the Northern troops.Tubman was the first woman to be the leader of an armed expedition and she led a group in the Combahee River Raid which freed over 700 South Carolina slaves.Historians think she was born in 1820, or possibly 1821, but birth records weren't kept by most slave owners.Her birth name was Araminta Ross, but she took the name of her mother, Harriet, when she was thirteen. Harriet first lived in a one-room cabin with her family that included eleven children.The change in dynamics meant a change in the ways that they had to help in freeing slaves.Tubman changed the route for the Underground Railroad so that it was moved to Canada, where slavery was against the law.This meant that slaves could be taken from free states and returned to their owners.In order to be free, slaves now had to escape to Canada.


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