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She was so in need of a man that she was not even slow to jump into “A bed of incest.” If it were not for Claudius, Gertrude would have been lost and searching for the reason of life, such as Ophelia does.

” Gertrude’s quick remarriage pays tribute to her dependence on a man.

Gertrude could not last even two months with out a man at her side.

She has to imitate and assimilate with him through Hamlet. ” Because Ophelia has adopted Hamlet’s madness, Hamlet, whose love for Ophelia has withered away, is considered “dead and gone” to Ophelia.

Closer to the end of the play, Ophelia’s madness resembles Hamlet’s more and more.

Though it may not be inaccurate to some extent, it subliminally tells the readers, women in particular, that the prime reason to be true to oneself is to satisfy a man's superego.

To maintain a man's dignity and pride, what more can they have than a woman's loyalty and honesty to do so?

A statement like such can only, at the very least, aggravate a woman who does not fit the stereotypical female.

This is defined as one who is acquiescent and dependent of men.

Laertes says that in Ophelia’s language “[t]his nothing’s more than matter.

Polonius had a similar response to Hamlet’s language stating, “How pregnant sometimes his replies are!


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