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For this reason, the established definitions and concept of marketing are not useful to SMEs (Gamble et al., 2011; Mc Gartan-Quinn and Carson, 2003), these concepts and theories (see, Kotler et al., 2008; Brassington and Pettitt, 2007) concentrate on aspects such as marketing research, the 4 and 7ps, which are more suitable to the context of larger organisations in ownership of a wealth of skills and marketing experience (Hulbert et al., 2013).Thus, the marketing function in SMEs has received plenty of attention from practitioners over the years (Reijonen, 2010; Berthon et al., 2008; Gilmore et al., 2006).

Future research could add to the number of SMEs to study and also across different regions in the UK.

Practical Implications: This study offers insight into different strategic efforts to suggest how SMEs could effectively deliver green marketing for a competitive business advantage in small B2B dynamic markets.

Next, the qualitative exploratory methodology is explained and justified.

The subsequent sections then indicate the findings and then a discussion.

Originality: Studies’ aligning how green marketing is adopted in large organisations compared to smaller businesses is very limited.

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Thus, this study is of benefit to academics as a foundation to future researches and also to managers as a new form of marketing for their businesses.The marketing activities of SMEs is highly restricted by the lack of financial resources and lack of marketing expertise (Walsh and Lipinski, 2009).In addition, a critical review of the literature suggest, one of the main obstacles to marketing in SMEs is the mentality of owner/managers (Carson, 1990; Wijewarden et al., 2008; Simpson et al., 2006).Featured White Paper Disruptive changes in today’s global energy landscape present new opportunities for business growth and profitability – and more companies are taking notice.Progressive companies have found that energy is no longer a cost center, but an enabler of improved operational and financial performance.The importance of marketing, indeed, has grown over the years (Moorman and Rust 1999; Walsh and Lipinski, 2009).According to Churchill and Lacobucci (2005), every business in a competing environment should have a full understanding of their marketing capacity, adding no business will be able to again or retain customers without marketing.BIS (2013) indicate, as the level of competition increases a ‘churn’ within the market exist; which sees less productive firms leave and the most productive grow, resulting to an increase in aggregate productivity.Given, the significance of size held by SMEs as outlined in the previous paragraph, it is quite predictable small and medium enterprises make a disproportionately large contribution to job creation.SME marketing is perceived as peripheral to requirements (Carson, 1990), relating to aspects of promotion and sales only (Stokes, 2000) a perception that has grown from the ability of SMEs to obtain sales without planning their marketing activities (Stokes, 2000; Hogarth-Scott et al., 1996).However, many academics who have reviewed the SME marketing literature (Siu, 2005; Carson; 1993; Carson and Cromie, 1989) have indicated that; The adaptation of formal and conventional marketing concepts, according to O’Donnell (2004) and Carson (1990) can be attributed to the lack of marketing in some instances, The majority of the SME marketing literature identifies a form of marketing unique to small businesses (Stokes, 2000; Carson et al., 1995; Carson 1993), but this is highly influenced by the behavior of the owner/managers of the small business.


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