Good Transitions In Essays

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Because, chances are, just using a transitional word is not enough to properly link your ideas together with logical coherence.

In order to avoid this habit, try writing the new information you want to convey first without using a transition word.

Once you have the outline mapped out, move the pieces around.

Sometimes, the order in which you started out writing your paper doesn’t flow logically once you have developed your ideas further.

Sometimes, it might not be obvious, even to you the writer, what logical connection links two paragraphs within an essay. Your ideas tend to evolve as you develop them on the page, and sometimes you will find that once you have fully fleshed out one idea, you don’t know how to move towards a new idea.

Just take a break from the actual writing and go back to read your thesis.If you can clearly articulate your new idea, and how it supports your overall thesis, you will find it easier to say how it connects to your previous paragraph or idea.If you still find yourself staring at the page, struggling to connect the previous idea to the new idea you want to guide your readers through, take a step back. Whether you like to use an outline template on your word processor, or write one out on paper, make an outline that includes your thesis statement and the main points you want to use to support it.Your job is to make the prose consistent and that’s why you need words and phrases to create links between the ideas.To achieve that, you can use a free app like Grammarly to clean up your prose, but you should also know which words to use in the first place.If you use them well, they can emphasize contrast, highlight a similarity, and solidify your conclusion.To avoid this, look up synonyms, and never use the same transition word more than once in a single piece of prose (especially in the same paragraph).Let’s return to the student writing about grilled cheese sandwiches.Say she wants to transition from discussing cheddar cheese’s gooey texture, to how cheddar cheese is available at most grocery stores.Ask yourself what do you want to argue in the whole of the essay.This will help you to focus on what you want to argue in this particular paragraph or section of your essay in order to support your overall argument.


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