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1) It is true that an unemployed educated person with a mobile phone and the internet connection can get more access to the local and foreign job sectors and can use these technologies to get a job or become self-employed.

2) First of all, the maximum number of cars are owned by the rich people and fuel price would not restrain them from using the cars.

Surprisingly, e-commerce would be in more convenient form and most of the people will purchase online rather than going to shops in person.

1) Similarly, all the companies and offices are becoming automated and using computers, the internet and other technologies vastly than any other time in history.......

Use those connective phrases/words or linking phrases/words properly.

In the introduction part of your IELTS essay, you should write sentences relevant to the topic given and generally accepted ideas about it.

3) Apart from that, computers would become more powerful and they will have superior artificial intelligence.

We will have robots to do hazardous works like mining and outer space research.

The price of fuel, in fact, increased significantly over the past 12 years and that has done nothing to reduce car usage.

3) To begin, houses that are being constructed by those in the lower income groups do look at the most cost-effective option.


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