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For example, if your area is hot hot hot, factor in ”x% growth” over last year, or if you’re bracing yourself for some major shift, adjust accordingly!

For example, if your area is hot hot hot, factor in ”x% growth” over last year, or if you’re bracing yourself for some major shift, adjust accordingly!You want your forecast to be as realistic as possible.A helpful way to guide your goal-setting, is to follow the SMART goal methodology.

The whole team, sales associates and support staff, is motivated to reach .

Last year, the Duncan Duo team averaged 28 transactions per sales associate and earned an all-inclusive trip to Los Angeles.

For example, if you average 25 unscrubbed leads and 10 qualified leads per sale, then calculate how many leads you need per month to fuel enough transactions to hit your goal income for the year.

Bob Sokoler of the Sokoler Medley Team, RE/MAX Properties East in Louisville Kentucky breaks his team’s goal down into a simple equation like this.

Do your homework and get some solid statistics around your target audience (think: first-time homebuyers, luxury clients, a certain neighborhood, etc.) The more you can drill down on your ideal customer and how to reach them, the more effective you can be with your marketing material, and the more efficient you can be with your marketing dollars.

This will help you determine your areas of focus to reach your goal. What will really get your team on board with your goals and empower them to hit the ground running?Take the time to create meaningful goals that will help drive you forward in 2019.This means thinking it through, writing it down, and knowing why it’s a goal in the first place.(A quick search will draw up lots of free resources). It’s easy to get wrapped up in overly optimistic planning, but the point is to create very realistic goals.Once you’ve drafted up your forecast, get some consultations.He knows the development and success of his team depends on establishing a solid lead source, and uses a variety of tools including Boom Town to get there.If you’re working with a team, it’s critical to make your expectations clear from the start. This means leveraging sales forecasting, developing smart goals, and wrapping actionable strategies around them. Creating a sales forecast once a year gives you a baseline to measure up against. Note what your average net profit per customer was. A better real estate business in 2019 is attainable, but not without the proper planning. In simple terms, this is just the way you predict your future sales based on your own sales history and some market factors thrown in too.Your team should know exactly what the top priorities are so they can hone in on their own role in the overall goal and know what’s expected and how to stay on track.Establishing operational processes will keep workloads streamlined, expectations clear, and everyone accountable.


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