Garments Business Plan

Clothing business or readymade garment stores are growing industries in India today.

As the industry is witnessing large profit margins, the producers keep offering varieties in their stocks as well.

It also provides very little legal protection should you face a business-related lawsuit down the road.

If you decide on another business type, such as a limited liability company (LLC), register your business through your area’s legal channels.

Unless you're running your clothing store as a cash-only business, you'll need to register for a merchant account with your bank to take credit card payments from online orders and also from merchandise sold in stores.

Consider if you want to accept Apple Pay or Pay Pal, and set up your business to take payment from those companies.Concentrating on a distinct type of clothing helps build brand awareness so that when people think of dressing for certain occasions, they think of your company first.You can run your business as a sole proprietorship, which is the fastest and easiest way to get started.Decide which room or rooms in your home will be dedicated to your business.The space should be clean with good lighting, and it should inspire you.A fully responsive website that looks good and is easily navigated from any sort of device is critical.Contact the manufacturer for pictures of the clothing you are selling, along with thorough descriptions of each item and how it fits, so you can list it.Absent that, make a list of companies that manufacture the type of clothing you want to sell, and see who will give you the best prices.Find out which manufacturers will ship the items out for you to your customers so you don’t have to do that yourself.You can hire outside help or learn how to do it yourself, but it’s a crucial part of being competitive in the clothing business.Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram are very visual social media sites with large platforms.


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