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Access to society journal content varies across our titles.If you have access to a journal via a society or association membership, please browse to your society journal, select an article to view, and follow the instructions in this box.Foucault’s thought was overtly political during one phase of his career, coinciding exactly with the decade of the 1970s, and corresponding to a methodology he designated “genealogy”.

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Based on Michel Foucault’s 19 lectures at the Collège de France on governmental rationalities and his 1977 interview regarding his work on imprisonment, this volume is the long-awaited sequel to Power/Knowledge.

In these lectures, Foucault examines the art or activity of government both in its present form and within a historical perspective as well as the different ways governmentality has been made thinkable and practicable.

Social Economy and the Government of Poverty Giovanna Procacci 8.

In lectures and seminars at the Collège de France in 19, the philosopher and historian Michel Foucault delineated a project to investigate ‘The government of one's self and of others’, pursuing what his initial course summary described as ‘an in-depth inquiry concerning the history not merely of the notion but even of the procedures and means employed to ensure, in a given society, the “government of men”’.

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Though his membership was tenuous and brief, Foucault’s later political thought should be understood against this background, as a thought that is both under the influence of, and intended as a reaction to, Marxism.

Foucault himself tells us that after his early experience of a Stalinist communist party, he felt sick of politics, and shied away from political involvements for a long time.

Foucault’s thoughts on political discourse and governmentality are supplemented by the essays of internationally renowned scholars.

United by the common influence of Foucault’s approach, they explore the many modern manifestations of government: the reason of state, police, liberalism, security, social economy, insurance, solidarity, welfare, risk management, and more.


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