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Here’s the thing you need to understand about films like this: These filmmakers are not seeking to present a balanced view of a complex topic in order to allow you to come to your own conclusions.

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Just because someone has MD or Ph D after their name does not guarantee that everything that comes out of their mouth is reliable.

But my main criticism of the film is that obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease simply cannot be pinned on any one food group or nutrient.

This action also caused revenues to increase on a short term basis.

All these examples show the managers of Fit Food inc.

One expert even testifies that consuming sugar plays no role in the development of diabetes.

I’m sure that was very much appreciated by the corn and cane growers, not mention the American Beverage Association.

These authors state managers who feel that formalization is an attempt by top management to coerce managers’ effort and compliance, perceive formal systems in a negative way.

The unreachable targets caused stress with the division managers, who tried to meet the goals in other ways.

are given the wrong incentives which they feel they cannot reach.

Therefore they perform behavior which allows them to reach their goals, but is bad for the company. Firstly, the targets should not be based on the expectation of shareholders, but on the current economic situation. Enabling control and the problem of incomplete performance indicators.


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