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If you follow our ground rules, we will celebrate your difference.Not only in order to grasp the structures of domination in their historical genesis and contradictory development which foreshadows their dissolution, but also in order to help constitute the true historical consciousness of the new social agency.This essay is my attempt to write about Filipino American hip-hop from a historical materialist perspective with the deeper understanding that hip-hop is an art form that was created “for the people.” I begin with an analysis of hip-hop and its absorption into a culture of capitalism. Second, I claim that, for Filipino American hip-hop to effectively resist its co-optation, it must revive the anticapitalist and antiracist perspectives embodied in the cultural work Carlos Bulosan.In only two decades, however, hip-hop music proliferated from neighborhood rock parties in the South Bronx and boom boxes of South Central Los Angeles to the white suburban homes throughout the country.Today, hip-hop is a billion-dollar industry with growing global influence.The glory days of hip-hop were during the 1980s, when working-class communities of color were devastated by the Reagan administration’s “trickle-down” policies that abetted police brutality and racial profiling.Artists such as KRS-One, Public Enemy, even gangster rappers like N. A (Niggas with Attitudes) were creating tracks that portrayed realities of Reaganism such as the phenomenon of youth moving from overcrowded and under-funded schools to overcrowded and well-funded prisons.Omitted from the psyche of Filipino Americans by schools, the media, and other state apparatuses, however, is the critical understanding that there is a deep tradition of resistance that unites Filipino cultural work with activism.Reconnecting to this history and linking the common struggles and inspirations of Filipino immigrants during the “golden years” of U. capitalism (1945-1973) won’t lead to a revival of the more radical movements witnessed in the 1960s.Clearly the conflict of wills has played a great role in this country’s historical development.However, what historical materialism attempts to examine is the root reasons for a clash of wills between groups of people.


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