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This Lib Guide (adapted with thanks from Zurich International School's Kevin Browning and The American School of Madrid) was created by Kathy Fester and Roxy Yuen Concordian International School, Bangkok The content is shared under a Creative Commons Attribuition-Noncommerical license.Feel free to reuse any information found on this guide.Computer science previously formed an option in group 5 of the Diploma Programme curriculum but now lies within group 4.

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Both system and user software may need to use software constructs such as semaphores (also called locks or gates) to prevent one thread from interfering with another if they should happen to cross paths in referencing the same data.

This gating or locking process increases code complexity, lowers performance, and greatly increases the amount of testing required, although not usually enough to negate the advantages of multiprocessing.

MISD architectures may involve comparisons between processing units to detect failures.

Apart from the redundant and fail-safe character of this type of multiprocessing, it has few advantages, and it is very expensive. It can be implemented in a way that is transparent to software.

Some compilers in this category provide special constructs or extensions to allow programmers to directly specify operations to be performed in parallel (e.g., DO FOR ALL statements in the version of FORTRAN used on the ILLIAC IV, which was a SIMD multiprocessing supercomputer).

SIMD multiprocessing finds wide use in certain domains such as computer simulation, but is of little use in general-purpose desktop and business computing environments.[citation needed] [edit] MISD multiprocessing Main article: MISD MISD multiprocessing offers mainly the advantage of redundancy, since multiple processing units perform the same tasks on the same data, reducing the chances of incorrect results if one of the units fails.This group change is significant as it means DP students can now select computer science as their group 4 subject rather than having to select it in addition to mathematics as was previously the case.The IB computer science course is a rigorous and practical problem-solving discipline.[edit] SIMD multiprocessing Main article: SIMD In a single instruction stream, multiple data stream computer one processor handles a stream of instructions, each one of which can perform calculations in parallel on multiple data locations.SIMD multiprocessing is well suited to parallel or vector processing, in which a very large set of data can be divided into parts that are individually subjected to identical but independent operations. "multiprocessor programming and performance Includes examples, models, exercises, Power Point slides, and sample Java programs." The above was on the website.... You can do an extended essay on Multiprocessor programming and performance as that directly relates to Computer Science (e.g. Hi David - When I was in University, I studied 'Systems Architecture' for Computer Science, possibly you could state a few topics on the 'Architecture' of the Multiprocessors in Consoles.Previous extended essay were mostly to do with security however that doesn't appeal to me i was thinking of something along the lines of video games and multiprocessors. Previous extended essay were mostly to do with security however that doesn't appeal to me i was thinking of something along the lines of video games and multiprocessors. thank you The sega saturn was a multi processor system that rarely used the second processor. But there is a problem with imperative languages and splitting code to run on multi processors.I'm not sure what the utilisation of a 7 core PS3 looks like, but I imagine it is very rarely close to 100%.Our recognition resource and document library has subject briefs for the DP, looking at every subject at both standard and higher level.The subject briefs cover core requirements, aims and assessment.


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