Example Of Comparison Essay

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The first paragraph introduces the topic, captures the reader's attention, and provides a definite summary of the essay.

It may be wise to end the first paragraph with a thesis statement that summarizes the main points of difference (or similarity).

In fact, there are many ways to structure a comparison essay; use whichever organization works best for your particular paper. Both discuss the shape of the instruments, the sound holes, the number of strings, the quality of the sound produced, etc. "Unlike the balanced sound of the teardrop dulcimer, the treble sound in the hourglass dulcimer is much more prominent than its bass sound").

The main purpose of the comparison essay, after all, is century, the early settlers in the Appalachian mountains created an instrument which combined the sounds of the bagpipes and the harpsichord: the Appalachian dulcimer.

Or say everything there is to say about the electric bulb lamp (its physical characteristics, history of development and operation), followed by everything there is to say about the gas lamp. physical characteristics, operation, history of development). The following essay uses parallel order structure throughout.

Example Of Comparison Essay

For the sake of variety in the essay, and then switch back to parallel order structure for the rest of the essay. Notice how paragraph "B1" considers the same attributes as "A1" in the same corresponding order. Notice too that when the writer discusses the characteristics of "thing B" she contrasts them with "thing A" (ex.

A comparison essay compares and contrasts two things.

That is, it points out the similarities and differences (mostly focusing on the differences) of those two things.

The two things usually belong to the same class (ex. Relatively equal attention is given to the two subjects being compared.

The essay may treat the two things objectively and impartially.


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