Ethical Issues In Business Case Studies

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They illustrate how the ethical codes of the CCAB bodies can be applied by professional accountants working for commercial organisations.

These scenarios are not intended to cover every possible circumstance, but instead to outline key principles and processes that could be considered when attempting to identify, assess and resolve ethical problems in line with the ethical codes. A Polish case study translation (undertaken externally) of the case studies, is also available.

The idea was to encourage customers to chat with baristas about what is without a doubt one of the most pressing social issues of the day, namely race.

The case studies were developed by the UK and Ireland’s Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies (CCAB).

We start by asking four BIG questions: We conclude with an even bigger question: What actions do our values endorse? Regardless of our role in an organization or business, we are frequently confronted by conundrums that challenge our moral compass, our ability to apply ethical standards, and our actions on the ground.

Our goal is to develop and share materials that can help our students learn how to handle the ethical issues that grow from today’s experiences and trials through providing guidance and practice in ethical analysis.By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.At the we share a strong commitment to advancing good business ethics curricula for both undergraduate and graduate programs.To that end, we are sponsoring a competition aims to generate teachable concise cases with expanded teaching notes related to addressing the ethical challenges presented to businesses and organizations internationally for use in the classroom and the boardroom.The attention it got springs from two main sources: first, VW is a big, big, well-regarded company, not some fly-by-night operation.Second, the company didn’t just engage in some sort of minor rule-bending, fiddling along the margins: it outright lied to regulators and to customers regarding a key aspect of its cars’ performance.Business ethics is ethics, or the study of systems of action to our own actions.Philosophy provides the structure, but the behavior itself emerges from our inherent sense of morality which, in its turn, derives from philosophical perspectives, socio-economic and legal models, and religious training.From the cheating carmaker to the price-gouging pharma-bro, to the coffee company that wanted us to have a casual chat about race with the barista, the year has been a cornucopia of case studies in the ethics of commerce.Just about any media outlet’s “year in review” could serve as fodder for a year-long course in business ethics. Below, the editors of Business Ethics Highlights present their entirely unscientific Top 10 Business Ethics Stories of 2015.


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