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Our word count tool online tool is aimed at counting the number of words in the text inserted.

Whatever job position you occupy, feel free to utilize our word counter online whenever there is a need.

It can also be applied to database, translations, research, dictionary completion, commercial or ads writing, etc.

Our free online word counter is very easy to apply to count characters, symbols, words, phrases, paragraphs, sentences, as well as pages in real time.

Utilize our word count tool online free of any charges.

In order apply our reliable and highly advanced online word count tool, you should either type directly or copy & paste a piece of text and clear out how many characters and words it consists of.

Before you begin writing, work out how long each section of your essay should be based on the overall word limit.

You can then plan how much to write in each part accordingly.

Often, even if you plan your essay, you’ll find your first draft exceeds the word limit.

Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to cut down the word count: Make sure to give yourself enough time to edit like this once you’ve finished the first draft. If you would like more guidance on academic writing, or if to have your work checked, get in touch with the professionals at Proofed today!


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