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As a child, Clara Luper attended many meetings of the NAACP Youth Council in Oklahoma City because her mother, Marilyn, was the leader of this group.She remembers, “We were having an NAACP Youth Council meeting, and I was eight years old at that time.But Redford did come to Minneapolis to do some casting.

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I can say that a little more generously now than I could have then.” Phil Hutchings’ father was a lifetime member of the NAACP, but couldn’t support his son when he moved toward radicalism and Black Power in the late 1960s. the first person in the family who had a chance to complete a college education.

Hutchings reflects on the way their different approaches to the struggle divided the two men, a common generational divide for many families who lived through those times: “He just couldn’t go beyond a certain point.

While sitting in the back of church one Sunday, his ears perked up when he heard a man speak about a march for integrated schools.

A math geek, Hrabowski was excited about the possibility of competing academically with white children.

We still exchange Christmas cards, and I see them whenever I am in LA. And the best part of it was the night of the Academy Awards.

I should mention that they were postponed for a day, due to the fact that President Reagan was shot. On the following night my neighbors, Doug and his wife Linda, had a party. “Legally a letter belongs to the person who writes it, not the person who receives it.” My mom thought about this for a minute. ” And then her voice got all quivery and excited: “Oh, gosh, I hope he sues me!

I also made a good friend, Jim Sikking, who played Calvin’s law partner in the film.

He and his wife, Florine, are natives of California.

While he was here, we went over the script together.

I mentioned one scene that hadn’t worked for me, and he said, “Yeah, I don’t like it either. I had my own private screening with Redford starring, for heaven’s sake. I have a lot of sympathy for her, and yet I wasn’t able to get that across.


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