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The ruler of Athens told him to give up philosophy but did not do that & received the death penalty.According to Socrates, philosophy should achieved practical result for the well being of the society.During that time Athens was going through a histrionic transition from hegemony in the classical world.

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He believed that government work best if the ruler had a vest knowledge ability & understanding capacity.

Socrates was morally politically & intellectually different from the people of Athens.

Socrates had clearly differentiated the knowledge & the ignorance.

He also believed that one should give concentration on the development of himself than on material things & encouraged people to develop a good relationship among other society member.

& if Socrates teaches young people without giving proper respect the city could fall in danger.

For teaching young people disrespecting the god Socrates was charged & sentenced to death.

He emphasized on the human reason based society rather than the theological based one & gave importance on the ethics.

Socrates ideas had influenced the young people if Athens & they had criticized & challenged the Greek belief & wisdom which had lead the society into a rough condition for that reason many Athenians become enemy of Socrates & the authority became angry about the popularity of him.

In his whole life he tried to spread wisdom & inspired the common people to build a friendly relationship with each other.

Socrates ideas & philosophy had greatly affected the social system & order of Athens.


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