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He risks his life in the process, defies the traditions, and discovers the beauty of following his intuition.

At the end of the movie, the headmaster asks the members of dead poets society to sign a statement that indicates that John Keating was responsible for the death of Neil Perry.

The novel begins with the opening ceremonies at a private boys school.

What do the opening ceremonies reveal about the school? Keating tells the boys to "seize the day." How does Mr.

Then come along a different (either good or bad) idea to change how things are originally done.

The traditionalists will resist and even condone the change while the proponents of innovation will try to prove that the change is for the better.Parents are present for the opening ceremonies at Welton. What is revealed about family relationships during and after the opening ceremonies? Why is the visit wonderful and horrible at the same time? However, after the parents discover the secret, he feels trapped and commits suicide.This indicates that negative outcomes can be experienced when individual ideas and pursuits prevail against the norms.The society that we have today is a by-product of continuous changes --- changes that generations before us believed to be for the better.Thus, history serves as a "storehouse" of information that can help us understand change and how the society we live in came to be.Students are expected to learn and become doctors or lawyers later in life.Structured lessons are, therefore, offered to ensure that the boys think in a certain way.In the process, the students discover that John Keating is a member of dead poets society, and joins him. In the end, the movie is able to extensively explore the idea of individualism.Some of the characters in the story pursue their individual goals and face the different consequences.


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