Essay On Respect Others

The people in the army are expected to treat each other with respect.

They do this since they also expect others to do the same. You cannot respect another if you do not respect yourself.

This is because when that person completes the task, it equally means that you have completed yours.

Therefore, respect in the army ensures that the jobs of both the seniors and the subordinates are done.

The best way to maintain relationships and respect in the Army is to focus on your task and maintain communication in all situations.

This way there would be mutual respect and friendships that last for a lifetime would be fostered.Respect is also important because it instills confidence that the mission would be successful.This is especially the case when there is the respect of the soldiers of all ranks.Throughout in our life journey, we are destined to have many people around us in farm of relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers and even some strangers.They all play important role in our lives and help us to evolve as a strong human being.We should never advice without being asked, criticize or lecture others because we do not know those people well enough to judge. The best way to respect the feelings of the other people is by listening them with empathy and nonjudgmental way so that they can share their feelings comfortably.After all, we all human beings have more similarities underneath our skin colour, race and religion.This paper seeks to discuss the importance of respect in the military.Being a soldier in the army means understanding the Seven Core Army Values and living up to them. Having respect means treating someone as he or she should be treated.The feeling of remorse that is bestowed upon a soldier during the playing of the Taps is derived from nothing other than respect for each other.Although in the army most occasions end with sad events, most feel a sense of respect for the fallen soldier who pays the ultimate sacrifice for the country.


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