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Each qualified person casts a vote, and the category with the most number of votes wins.The benefits to a direct democracy are that it lets each person, regardless of class, race, or economic position have a voice.

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In other words, citizens are involved in the political process!

In this system, political decisions are made based on what the majority of voters decide.

While this type of democracy would eventually be replaced by a more representative form of government, the underlying idea—that government works best when it's run by its citizens—would go on to influence the governance of most of the Western world, including the United States.

With growing populations and more complex systems of government, the Athenian method of one voice, one vote doesn’t always work.

just one of these freedoms, that you don't even appreciate. handed out to them; they have to fight for it and in return they lose their lives over it. to be aware of the troubles going on in Iran, because it deserves more appreciation than its been. Iran has a theocratic government, which means that their government and religion is. lives, and this causes the country of Iran to grow worse and worse. This government, with its rules and regulations, has put a great effect on the young adults.

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The religion based government has stripped away the freedoms of the people. people of Iran can't do anything about it, because unlike the Americans, they are not granted the. This religious government has restricted its people from living comfortable. About 96% of the Iranian population is part of the Shi'ites. The enrollment rate of girls in school in Iran is surely increasing. Businesses owned by women have become a growing trend in Iran. Compared to the women in other Middle Eastern countries, women in Iran have a good amount of freedom and more rights, but compared to women in America, women in Iran have next to no freedom and very unfair rights. IRAN-IRAQ WAR Behind the current war between Iraq and Iran rests a history of conflict. Iraq was very hostile towards the Kurds and Iran because Iran was supportive of the Kurdish rebellion. The immense support the Kurds were receiving from Iran was a gateway for Iran to cause political chaos in the Iraqi government. It also granted that Iraqi and Iranian vessels would enjoy freedom of navigation in all parts of the waterway. "On September 22, 1980, Iraq announced that her planes had hit ten Iranian airfields in a number of Iranian cities and that her troops had penetr... This system ran smoothly until the Shah left Iran in 1979. Women, criminals, and slaves—even though they were subject to Athens’ laws and policies—were denied a voice.Additionally, direct democracy doesn’t always work well on a large scale.Each year, a new person from the Federal Council is elected to serve as president! S.: Because the populations are much smaller, local, municipal, and county elections often rely on direct democracy to make sure government is serving the will of the people.Local laws and referendums are often put up for a majority vote where every vote counts. S.: Fourteen states allow citizens to design legislation and put it up for a vote through what are called ballot initiatives.Also known as pure democracy, direct democracy is democracy in its most basic form.Just like the Athenians at the Assembly, direct democracy lets each qualified individual shape policy by casting a direct vote. not only as a ruler but also a messenger sent from God to help their country. someone has troubles with the government it also means they have troubles and problems with. The religious beliefs of the Muslims are pushed upon all the people of Iran and they are. If they don't , it means they are going against the word of their God, Allah. Iran's present government is run as an Islamic Republic. From 1960-72 the percentage of owner occupied farmland in Iran raised from 26 to 78 percent ("Iran" 896). Poor Iranians and Iranians with a fixed income suffered major losses in real income. Leaders of the Freedom Front, one of the groups that grew out of the Mossadeq movement, were a group composed of intellectuals who tended to be centrist in philosophy, more religious, anti-Marxist, and militant (Cottam 13). Background of Iran History highlights of Iran • Iran was called Persia before 1935. Politics • "Iranians have a very strong sense of class structure."... Sources: - gov Iran; Pre-Revolution The Iranian Revolution is one of the major socio-political upheavals in recent history. The big question now is how will he change Iran's current perception as the political bogeyman of the West? It is hard because Islam doesn't consider Bahá'í as a religion and mainly Bahá'ís in Iran have no basic rights and freedom, but it is also interesting because all these tough circumstances tough us all a great lesson to fight and never give up on our beliefs. The Iranian Revolution of 1979 was of great significance in Iran and the Middle East collectively. Since the government and religion is mixed, people look up to him. The main religion of Iran is of course Islam and living over there as a Bahá'í is super hard but very interesting at the same time. and Iranian relations go back to the early 1950s, with the U. The Shah would never return again and would typify the beginning of the current state of Iran. These nominations included: the would-be Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, who had continuously been critical of nuclear negotiations with the Europeans and also as Intelligence Minister, Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejehei, a cleric whom reformist journalists regarded as a rigid opponent of press freedom. Lastly, Marjane is given a lot of freedom and her parents encourage her rebellious behavior. As a young woman growing up in Tehran at that time, it was amazing how much freedom Marjane was allowed. For example, a law in Iran was that partying and drinking was not allowed. As someone that has a lot of freedom, this demonstrates another reason why Marjane is an outsider. Throughout many occasions, Marjane proves to be an outsider in Iran. I was born in Iran and I was born in a Bahá'í family. For many, he was viewed as the savior of Iran's Islamic identity. He had a deep respect for the rule of law, parliamentary democracy, basic freedoms, and respect for the individual. The IRP materialized as Iran's major political force. The Iranian Revolution occurred because of inflation, modernization and repression, followed by the slightest bit of freedom. The Revolution was the event that many dissatisfied Iranians had hoped for. At the beginning of the Iranian Revolution, Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlavi ruled Iran. In 1977 the Shah made the vital mistake-- for the survival of his government -- of loosening his control on freedom of speech. Students demonstrated against closing the university libraries and the lack of academic and political freedom on campuses. If you look closely at the United States Pledge of Allegiance, you’ll see that it calls the United States a republic.


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