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[tags: medieval, history, creativity, ] - There are many terms used to describe the period after the fall of Rome and before the Renaissance, three main terms being the Middle, Medieval, and Dark Ages.In general, these terms are used interchangeably, but are these fair substitutions.

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In particular, the span of time referred to in this paper is 530-1452 BCE, with specific attention paid to the scientific discoveries and innovations rather than art or literature....

[tags: History, Middle, Medieval, Dark Ages] - The period, 1300 to 1500 was the time period of the crisis in Christianity.

So what happens when they no longer have the male counterpart to rely on.

What happens when they are no longer their father’s daughter but another man’s wife....

Medieval practitioners would bring together the accumulative knowledge of the Greeks, Romans and Mesopotamians to create a new art, the art of fear.

Regardless of how one looks at this practice it is perfectly clear that medieval tortures were intended to be cruel.In recent years the term “Dark Ages” is becoming less and less acceptable as a phrase which describes the span of years it is meant to refer to.The use of the term “dark” implies a period of stagnation, which is becoming a questionable concept.To be given The Rack as a punishment, a criminal would have to have stolen, be under suspicion of a crime, or had murdered another person....[tags: Medieval Punishment] - Lack of ego, violence, and unproductiveness were some of the few characteristics Manchester attributed to the medieval mind.During this period of history, the people lacked creativity and only used the mechanisms that were created by the generations before.Violence helped noblemen rise to define themselves while the creative ones took generations to build a cathedral because they only cared about glorifying God. Peasants were unaware of the world outside the common since they all lived and died without ever leaving their birthplace....In fact, the crisis began from one cause, wealth over faith and smaller (more specific) problems revolved around the one common problem.In the late medieval period, there was one big factor causing all the troubles between the church and the society, money....Medieval Europe began after the fall of the Western Roman Empire.Between the years 13 a widespread fatal disease back in Medieval Europe known as, the “Black Death”, killed approximately 20 million people.


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