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A joyous person before--active, an ardent swimmer--afterward he began to study, to meditate, and to read a lot of books.

Madame Temkine tells us in Grotowski, "He decided to devote himself to art, but if he had to choose between beauty and truth, truth would be his choice." The small Grotowski family, now headed by his mother, moved to Kraków where she got a job as a clerk in a district court for insurance claims.

While in high school, Growtowski frequently gave poetry recitals in Rzeszów, Kraków and other nearby towns, often winning first prizes for his poems.

He refused to attend a course in religion, because he was a passionate communist and a member of the Association of Polish Youth.

For an entire year he was in the hospital, in the communal ward, surrounded by terminal patients.

Young Grotowski was transformed by this experience.

The examination committee included a note about his diction: "Wrong pronunciation of sounds /tz/, /z/, /s/, /rh/, and /sh/" but he was allowed to take the written test.

The applicants were asked to write on one of the following topics: 1.

Richard Gaffield-Knight Theater 597 - Professor Boros - May 16, 1992 BIOGRAFIA - In 1959, in the provincial town of Opole, Poland, population 50,000, sixty miles from Auschwitz, Jerzy Grotowski (to be referred to, henceforth, simply as Grotowski) was named director of Teatr 13 Rzędów, the Theater of Thirteen Rows.

Traveling a conventional route in terms of training and experience, he drew from it the fullest benefit and advantage to be named to this position.(1) Here, at the age of 26, Grotowski was to begin to push to its limits, both the socialist principle of total state subsidy, and the utopian vision of theater formulated by Stanislavsky and others of a "spiritual naturalism." Grotowski was born in Rzeszów, near the eastern border of Poland, on August 11, 1933.


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