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Violence Among Football Fans Hypothesis There is a large amount of violence amongst football fans.

I want to find out the reasons for this, and see what people's attitudes to the people committing the violence, I think that some of the reasons for the violence could be: · Drink · Big matches · Big events · gender and ethnicity · age · social class/background · media coverage · level of competition I think that the majority of people will think that football hooligans are the stereotypical young working class yobs, motivated by drink.

The majority of fans who drink do not engage in violence, and single violent acts perpetrated by players rarely instigate violent behavior among fans.

These authors contend that the realm of football spectatorship provides a catalyst for the manifestation of the aggressive masculinity present in the young male working class of England.

After only 15 minutes of rioting, 43 people were found dead and hundreds injured as the stadium collapsed on them (Maxim).

This type of violence makes people uneasy about the degree of, what experts call "fandemonium," that has plagued the world football industry for the past three decades examples of people that have put too much physiological energy into something that can make us feel so good but yet cause for pain in others.Hooliganism could split people apart, cause subcultures etc.Football violence is not a new phenomenon, it dates back to the fourteenth century, the difference nowadays is that the media coverage is greater, and football related violence is more publicised, and more documented.The relationship among these UK Football association and FIFA, we get to know insular attitude; different classes most successful football club in Turkey, as well as the greatest Turkish sports club overall.Their football departments have always been the most attractive among their fans, but the rivalry also extends into other team sports such as basketball, volleyball, athletics, rowing.Someone could have been killed given the circumstances, and this violence among the fans is not only limited to American football games, but also professional soccer games and violence with these fans can result in greater consequences.Eric Dunning and his associates, this thinking is incorrect.Waddington quotes Melnick's definition of football hooliganism as 'physical assaults on opposing fans and police, pitch invasions, throwing missiles, verbal abuse, vandalism, drunkenness, theft, possession of an offensive weapon… such activities can vary in severity' (Waddington, 1992, p.118).This topic is an important sociological issue because it is violent behaviour and conflict within society.This subculture values disorderly conduct and their fans, their team, or their family.Violence among the fans has also gone up quite a bit in the last couple years.


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