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Vonnegut also shows a change in the painter's perspective on death which evokes his altruistic mindset to consciously volunteer his own life for the upcoming generation.From the beginning, the painter has had a very distinct point of view on the society that he lives in and illustrates it in his mural "The Happy Garden of Life".

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But, most of all, happiness comes from knowing the certainty of waking up the next day, safe and sound.

Everyone wants it, but no one ever is willing sacrifice their life, especially for the contentment of others.

He despises every part of it , especially the disruption of the natural cycle of aging.

He wants people to live and die as they normally would without having the ability to be immortal.

The utopian society that Wehling inhabits comes with its own dystopian characteristics where one shall volunteer to die every time a baby is born.

Due to this, he has been under a lot of stress and when left with no choice is forced to take his own life.

Given these points, it can be said that the author wants the reader to realize that an individual's compromise of happiness generates the development of a very altruistic mindset, as the actions are originated from a conscious state of mind, which results in rational decision making and positive outcomes.

Vonnegut uses the character of Wehling to represent the sacrifice of one's life to save the life of others.

We express our gratitude to others through showing them that we are happy by their act, gesture, helping attitude or other positive effort.

Ideally, joy is the simplest form of gratitude but practically we do not express joy as gratitude very easily.


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