Essay On Educational Goals And Objectives

The social order is fixed in government documents, such as the US Law "On Education".

Questions - what should the school and educators strive for in their practical activities, what results can be achieved - can be called key.

Defining the goal of education is a complex process in which society, the state, the family, the school, the personality participate.

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He not only reflects social life, he leads a society.

Books that a person reads, speeches he hears at political rallies, scientific ideas that he perceives, can not but affect the formation of his individual consciousness.The teacher is a significant subject of goal-setting.The educator in the pedagogical activity realizes not only the state order, but also his interests and intentions, asserts his worldviews.New discoveries in science, new political trends, new trends in art have a greater or lesser impact on public consciousness.Many objective reasons are reflected in the formation of the goals of education.The state and society have always considered the goal of pedagogical activity as a reasoned concern for their future.Therefore, the formulation of the goal most often included provisions that, in the opinion of the ruling authorities, would ensure the preservation of the existing system and the system of social relations.One of the fundamental problems of pedagogy is the development and definition of the goals of education.The goal is the object of aspiration, what is needed, it is desirable to implement the & quot ;.In the strict philosophical sense, ideal is the "highest sample of the moral personality".The educational ideal is understood as a "normative model of the person, fundamentally unattainable in educational practice, but they are given the value orientation of education.


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