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The League floundered because the United States refused to join and because the League failed to prevent Japan’s invasion of China and Manchuria (1931) and Italy’s attack on Ethiopia (1935).It finally died with the onset of the Second World War (1939).Concern over the protection of certain minority groups was raised by the League of Nations at the end of the First World War.

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Yet many of these documents, when originally translated into policy, excluded women, people of color, and members of certain social, religious, economic, and political groups.

Trials were held in Nuremberg and Tokyo after World War II, and officials from the defeated countries were punished for committing war crimes, "crimes against peace," and "crimes against humanity."Governments then committed themselves to establishing the United Nations, with the primary goal of bolstering international peace and preventing conflict.

People wanted to ensure that never again would anyone be unjustly denied life, freedom, food, shelter, and nationality.

The United States, however, has ratified only the ICCPR, and even that with many reservations, or formal exceptions, to its full compliance.

(See From Concept to Convention: How Human Rights Law Evolves).


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