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With the aid of self-control, resolution, purity, righteousness, and well-directed thought, a person ascends.

To help us build the remaining 6 phases, please DONATE. There are innumerable definitions of Allah (God) because His manifestations are innumerable. There is more to our earthly life than just surviving, existing, and running after ephemeral matters.

A true sustainable fulfillment, meaning and purpose can only be attained, if we rediscover, and live by the Truth of what the universe so clearly, vividly and unceasingly declares within, and surround us.

Our individual or collective success or failure, prosperity or bankruptcy, peace and fulfillment, or suffering, and destruction depend upon one’s reverence and alignment with Allah’s (God’s) Beneficial Guidance.

And although Allah (God) is invisible in this realm of existence, He has left innumerable evidences of His Reality through which people can know, be inspired and empowered by Him; if they only look.

Allah’s (God’s) Grace, and Beneficial Guidance is not a racial, social, gender, and family privilege.

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Each individual must earnestly strive for that Eternal Bliss.The most important human endeavour is striving sincerely for purposeful, good intentions that translate into appropriately beneficial actions.The inner balance that regulates our existence depends on it.Ideology is by personal choice through sincere reasoning and a conscious effort.True Faith can neither be bought, inherited nor enforced.Learn, Understand, Apply and Align, Share and Elevate towards Allah’s Nearness!"This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those who are conscious of Allah, righteous, and those who avoid evil." ~Quran 2:2 From insecurity, guilt and agony; to Contentment, Dignity, and Healing.Every thoughts, words and actions has the potential to bring us closer to or further away from Allah; while the God-conscious, will be gifted with a criterion by which to discern between right and wrong, a standard by which to discern the true from the false.REdis COVER The Truth, Align and Elevate yourself for the Fulfilling Life You Were Made to Live. True guidance has become clearly distinct from error.(High is He) above the partners they attribute to Him.He is Allah, The Creator, The Evolver, The Fashioner; to Him belong the best, and the most beautiful names.


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