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He was in the forefront anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.

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He voted twice – first inside Ohlange High School in Inanda in Kwa Zulu-Natal and secondly outside the school in front of photographers.

The school was started by the founding president of the African National Congress, Mr John Langalibalele Dube.

Photo: APFNelson Mandela (Left centre row), his former wife Winnie Mandela (wearing white), and other unidentified relatives on the 12 February 1990 in the garden of Desmond Tutu’s residence in Cape Town, one day after the Mandela’s release from jail.

Photo: ANP/ Walter Dhladhla This photo was taken on 11 January 1994 of the then National Party President Frederik Willem de Klerk (L), shaking hands with the leader of the opposition party-African National Congress, Nelson Mandela (R).

Photo: Flickr/ Markus Zeffler / Rex Features (228686a)During his term as President, Nelson Mandela met with a number of iconic world leaders.

In this photo, Nelson Mandela (L) hugs Cuba’s former President Fidel Castro during a visit to Mandela’s home in Houghton, Johannesburg on September 2, 2001.He was elected President of South Africa in 1994, serving for six years. Nelson Mandela was born in Mvezo, South Africa on 18 July 1918.It was a controversial form of government that was in effect from 1948 to 1994, and caused great social turmoil.The system was put into place following World War II, but racial segregation began much earlier in the country.This was taken three months before the ANC won the first democratic elections in South Africa.Photo: ANP/ Philip Littleton Nelson Mandela casts his vote in South Africa’s first democratic general elections in 1994.His lifes work was to bring South Africa into mainstream 20th Century thinking by ending Apartheid.Apartheid was a system of South African government that was based on racial segregation between the minority white population and black South Africans.The country finally gave in to international pressure, and released Mandela.He became an international symbol for peaceful demonstration, and for his humanitarian work and perseverance.


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