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Arguably, these suggestions are the possible corrective actions and this approach would help to increase sharing of responsibility for the outcomes of the suggested solutions and enhance group unity. Further, the conflict-based discussions enabled the group members to create and capture the value of the message for the intended audience. Group Dynamics: Theory, Research and Practice, 12 (3), 210-222. Additionally, the discussions enabled the team members to select the most possible amount of the supporting evidence that proved the reliability of our arguments. Retrieved from, J., & Miskel, J.

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From the perspective of “the closed group” decision-making dynamics, this type of leadership involvement helps to reduce the complexity of manipulation associated with the conflicting discussions.

Additionally, employing decision-making dynamics in situations may benefit the opposing team members and enhance interdependence of the work-group in terms of strategic re-creation of the process implementation (Burnette and Forsyth, 2008, p. With the provision of differentiating value that comes along with impartial leadership, the group-work process based on the conflicting discussions would help to eliminate participants cognitive dissonance and fear of failure associated with the inappropriate suggestions. “I didn’t do it:” Responsibility Biases in Open and Closed Groups.

Conflict can be a constructive element in the group since it challenges the group members to think beyond their it results to the group adopting practical decisions.

Further, conflict in a group brings about diversity in perspectives, experiences, values, lifestyle, and education- elements that can enrich the group’s ideas, discussions, and goals.

These aspects impeded our appropriate decision-making initiatives in terms of framing and tailoring of the presentation details.

Just like any other group-work, hierarchical-structured model was the basis of my experience in presentation development where the overall group performance concentrated with the leader’s positioning within the context of social structure of the group.At some point, during the collegiate career, students are likely to be required to make an academic presentation for different class projects.If you are given this task, your ultimate goal is to deliver certain information to your audience in an exciting way to grab their attention.Consequently, the context of “the expectation states theoryof group-members’ traits that provided team support would surpass subordination to perform task-related obligations. Retrieved March 17, 2014 from Skll/Johari The Two Sides of Conflict. Retrieved March 17, 2014 from Van Scotter, L., Sillers, D. In such a situation, the subordinates’ role behavior creates positive social influence on the conflict-escalating nature of (Van Scotter et al., 2011, p. Essentially, I had the task of selecting domain framework and documenting conceptual data needed to frame the discussed ideas- used during the storyline preparation – and evolving my cognition around the controversial suggestions of group members. Tuckman – forming, storming, norming and performing in groups, the encyclopaedia of informal education. Retrieved March 17, 2014 from Johari Window: Using self-discovery and communication to build trust. Unfortunately, we did not resulted in an asymmetry in the conflict perception of the group-members from competing teams when those who had to respond to the controversial questions resisted appropriate informational disclosure. Indeed, the presence of the intermediary who acted as conflict-evaluating agent helped to eliminate group members’ fear of failure and allowed to re-create potential solutions operational strategies. You need to do your best to make a great impact on your audience and ensure that they will retain all the information you presented to them.That is not easy, and it goes without saying that a good Power Point presentation can’t be created in a few minutes.I was responsible for the functions of the subordinate and my role behavior was to coordinate the conflicting discussions and the direction towards the possible resolving outcomes. A multi-level examination of supervisors’ and subordinates’ personality and role behavior: Implications for work group effectiveness. Retrieved from The writer tried to sound like a professor, but instead sounded like a mumbling student who was trying to find his or her way through a complicated subject.Further, I had to select the provided by the group-members during the discussion and provide the draft of the generated ideas as the solutions to the problems in question. There were more missing words than missing children in the world, and the grammar was done by a hipster would smoked too much marijuana.


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