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We would end up all appearing to be extremely similar.The concept of cloning includes harvesting donor cells, and then raising them to the embryonic stage in a petri dish, and then placing them in a surrogate to grow.From a religious perspective, it is believed that cloning goes against God, since clones are created by mankind, and it is also believed that clones would have no soul.

Cloning is becoming something more probable in our future with all these new advancements in medical research.

But should we really use it as a way to increase the lifespan of human beings? Well, there’s some pros and cons you should probably learn more about before you take your stance.

You probably know that cloning is a way to replace organs that fail.

There is a shortage of organs being donated, and therefore with cloning, the wait can be reduced and more people can be saved.

Even parents who have unfortunately have their child pass can have their child returned through a clone.

Reproductive cloning also helps the animal world, in that it can clone endangered species.Könnte mir vielleicht jemand diesen Aufsatz überfliegen und die erheblichen Fehler korrigieren? However is the reality of designer babies going too far? Since the discovery of DNA in the late 1950´s, the possibility of genetic modification of animals and plants has become a reality.They named it dolly and it was an exact copy of the original sheep. An advantage of cloning is that the offspring is totally predictable; it is guaranteed to have the characteristics that of the parents.Scientists believe that they may be able to treat heart attack patients by cloning their healthy heart cells and injecting them into the areas of the heart that have been damaged.The term designer baby refers to the genetic modification of the child in its early fetal life.Two years ago Scottish scientists announced that they had successfully cloned a sheep. In the following essay I will tell you the pros and cons of GM.Just like there are many pros to reproductive cloning, there are also some negative aspects related to the practice.For one, cloning children might develop the belief that children can be created specifically to the parent’s wishes.Furthermore, animal cloning has not actually been so successful.Almost all of animal cloning has failed because of genetic defects and is therefore considered unsafe.


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