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Therefore, it makes no sense to give animals human rights just because they understand some parts of a human language and some sign language.

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Interesting Fact: Humans are the only primates that can’t eat and breathe at the same time.

In today’s society apes are considered to be animals and are given no rights even considerably close to humans, in fact, they have no rights to begin with.

But some developed more complex and specialized forms of auditory communication.

Researchers and Specialists have spent years trying to learn how apes communicate and find out if they are able to learn human signals and language.

Some of their visual signals are very intriguing, like the long, curled tongue of the tamarin monkey, that signals to her mate when she wants to birth her babies. In the forest that most gorillas and apes live in, auditory and visual calls are a much more useful and powerful tool.

Calls and vocalizations can also be changed through pitch, loudness, and duration, which means a vast list of messages can be transmitted through one ape to another.

Human Anatomy in contrast to Apes A branch of tailless primates, they are distinguished from other primates by their freedom of motion at the shoulder joint to a wider degree.

There are currently two existing branches of the superfamily Apes (What’s the difference between humans and apes?

One other notable difference is that humans can communicate through many complex ways, while apes can only communicate to a lesser degree (sounds and gestures).

Also, while we humans usually live in our homes individually or in a group, apes live in groups and territorially (in the wild, except for those that are in captivity of course).


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