Double Indemnity Critical Essays

However, this has fatal consequences when men feel used by women.

The consequences of these actions are usually fatal, resulting to death of not just men, but women as well.

Dietrichson describes Phyllis as more desirable than his old ill wife.

He feels that she serves as a pleasant replacement.

His eyes are drawn to her tempting anklet, tight fitting clothes and her curvaceous figure. Walter gets attracted to her, not because of her compassion or admiration but out of lust.

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Phyllis is aware of the power of using what she has to get what she wants.

Dietrichson marries her, not because of the person that she is, but because of her beauty.

He has little respect to her as a person and does not care to provide for her when he dies.

The lighting of the film was dark, gloomy, the room with rotten interiors coupled with dirty seats.

This was to help the audience to have a feeling of the lurking beneath the facade and try to figure out who was capable of committing murder.


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