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The class often had conversations about race, ethnicity and racism throughout the world.

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If you are hoping to bring a diverse background of extracurricular experience to your medical education and future practice, write about that.

Anything that you feel makes you stand out is an acceptable topic.

Here are some of the essays you can start thinking about during your weeks “off” to help make the secondary submission process easier.

On the whole, aim to write these essays in approximately 300 words, and adjust later for specific word limits, schools, and question wording.

I believe it is important to first analyze the word diversity when examining the need for diversity within a classroom.

According to Webster's New Pocket Dictionary, diversity means variety, a number of different kinds.Many schools will ask some semblance of the question “How will you bring diversity to our campus?” Students are often overwhelmed by this, but it’s important to think about of your experiences when trying to answer.As you likely already have heard, medical school at times can be extremely challenging, and medical schools want to know that you can handle and rebound from personal challenges.The question will usually be pretty straightforward, like “Tell us about a time you overcame a personal challenge,” This essay can be a great opportunity to personalize your application by highlighting an area that is important to you.Admissions committees are not only looking for ethnic and socioeconomic diversity, but also diversity in educational, professional, and extracurricular experiences.If you pursued an interesting educational path prior to medical school, consider how that would add to a med school class.Depending on how many schools you are applying to, once your application does get verified, your inbox will seemingly immediately explode with secondaries.Many people feel that they have to submit their secondaries right away (more on that next month), but the sheer volume of essays can be overwhelming.A teacher may have more familiarity, but a student's experience should not be compromised within the learning environment.That is why diversity is important within the classroom.


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