Dielectric Resonator Antenna Thesis

Dielectric Resonator Antenna Thesis-22
The walls of the resonator are partially transparent to radio waves, allowing the radio power to radiate into space.An advantage of dielectric resonator antennas is they lack metal parts, which become lossy at high frequencies, dissipating energy.For simulation purpose a lumped port having impedance of 50 Ω is placed between the two CPW lines.

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To improve the coupling between the excitation slot and CDR an offset distance between the center of CDR and center of excitation slot is introduced.

The optimized offset position of the center of excitation slot is found to be mm from the center of CDR.

All of the previously mentioned DRAs qualities in addition to the ongoing developments, at Prince Sultan Advanced Technologies Research Institute (PSATRI), for photolithographically patternable polymer-ceramic composites with dimensions commensurate with MMW W-band DRAs, have led to the development of the DRA-coupled sensor configuration presented in this work.

In this paper we present a novel antenna-coupled sensor configuration for 94 GHz detection.

Simulation results show that the antenna gain can reach 7.8 d B, with a beam width of approximately 60° in XZ plane (θ = 0°, φ = 0°) and approximately 20° YZ plane (θ = 0°, φ = 90°). The 3D model of the proposed antenna structure is illustrated in Figure 1.

The antenna consists of a quartz substrate sandwiched between two thin aluminum layers.

So these antennas can have lower losses and be more efficient than metal antennas at high microwave and millimeter wave frequencies.

An antenna like effect is achieved by periodic swing of electrons from its capacitive element to the ground plane which behaves like an inductor.

The red dotted area in Figure 3 is zoomed and shown in Figure 4 for a more detailed view of excitation slot, CPW feeding lines, and bolometer resistor placement.

The CPW line is divided into two equal parts by introducing a gap of mm for bolometer resistor placement.


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