Descriptive Essay Lesson

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It also revealed 4 teachers who had scores of over 1.2.What should they do, or you do if you lead a department?

I’ve made several videos showing students that planning the ending is actually sufficient when writing a story.

The activities above, however, suggest that students can craft a great ending without planning.

And, even the best teacher will still be prone to errors of bias – this kind of comparative decision making will help protect us against that.

This kind of exercise is a brilliant, efficient way to rewrite or write your curriculum for teaching writing, right from primary school.

To jump start this I wrote down 20 ideas of my own, fed them into No More Marking and invited teachers to make comparisons. Here are the top 10 ideas from this list: It is noticeable that ideas about the ending of a piece of description have come out so highly.

Descriptive Essay Lesson

As English teachers, my instincts tell me that we spend a lot of time drilling descriptive techniques, but not teaching students that the most important element of their creative writing is actually the end.

NK3 (Affiliate link) will know that my reading of the research has made me obsessed with modelling.

The more we teach students from the 100% model, the better they get. Again, my gut instinct is that most teachers are not getting their students to do this.

Applause to @NSMWells in first place and @ashmore_edu just in second place, with infit scores of 0.73 and 0.74 respectively. This also reveals that increasing the number of judgements helps – they judged 72, 50 and 37, respectively.

Fourth on the list is a teacher at my school, only in his second year of teaching. I came in at fifth place, with 0.89, although I made only 19 judgements (I didn’t want to make too many in case I was way out of line with the rest of the judges) No, really!


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