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The paragraphs are linked in order to connect the ideas. The purpose of the essay must be made clear and the reader must be able to follow its development.

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This idea was popular until the 1950s when it was thought to be too limited in its explanation of what makes a good leader (Zaccaro, 2007).

The theory regained popularity in the 1980s, after new research highlighted the importance of personality traits in successful leadership.

See Writing a list of references for more information on the reference list.

Describe essays require you to state the appearance of something, or to state the major characteristics of it. you are not asked to comment on the subject or to give your personal point of view on it.

A five-factor model of personality has been developed to outline what these favourable personality traits are.

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They include: neuroticism, extraversion, openness to experience, agreeableness, and conscientiousness (Digman, 1990).a review or discussion section, in a longer piece of writing.In English, an essay is a piece of argumentative writing several paragraphs long written about one topic, usually based on your reading.The main limitation, however, is that trait theory does not consider the extent to which developing and honing one’s natural abilities make a person a good leader.Innate personality characteristics are undoubtedly necessary for successful leadership, as trait theory suggests, but a leader must be able to take advantage of and develop their natural traits.Feel free to print the entire list for plenty of inspiration for your next descriptive essay assignment!Almost all students will at some time be expected to write an essay, or some other kind of argument, e.g.At the end of the essay, there should be a list of references. This should give full information about the materials that you have used in the assignment. The aim of the essay should be deduced strictly from the wording of the title or question (See Academic Writing: Understanding the Question), and needs to be defined at the beginning.The purpose of an essay is for you to say something for yourself using the ideas of the subject, for you to present ideas you have learned in your own way. then it is clear that a balanced essay is required.


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