Define The Research Paper

The project is expected to add new information to the field of study.

The Concept Paper acts as a summary of this project.

These research questions will specifically direct the research and the type of analyses conducted; as such, their compatibility is essential.

An Abridged Methodology — provides the student’s best idea on how to conduct the research and analyze the data.

The Concept Paper initiates the dissertation phase of a doctoral degree, which follows the completion of necessary coursework and training and represents a culmination of the student’s learning.

The dissertation is a student’s final academic effort to synthesize course material by applying their learning to a research project.Finally, consider the theoretical and practical implications involved in your research project (APA, 2010).A well-developed, concise, and clear problem statement will lay the foundation for a strong Concept Paper and the dissertation that follows.A well-planned Concept Paper will capture the interest of the dissertation committee and establish a clear plan for the student’s dissertation. The Research Concept Paper is completed prior to the dissertation proposal and serves as a development tool and summary of the planned dissertation. Depending upon the requirements of the specific school or academic program, the Concept Paper may range from as few as 2-3 pages to as many as 10-20 pages.The essential point of the Concept Paper is to explain the importance of a particular research project.The Concept Paper, although highly abridged, is comprised of many of the same items found in a dissertation.The specific elements of the Concept Paper may vary depending upon the academic program and the chosen degree.The title of the Concept Paper may become the title of the dissertation.Statement of the Problem — provides the purpose for the research. The Concept Paper lays the foundation for the applied dissertation process, providing an introductory form of communication between the doctoral student and the doctoral committee.Essentially, the Concept Paper acts as a tentative proposal; it allows the doctoral student the opportunity to define a research focus and obtain early feedback on the research idea.


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