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Attention to detail will prove extremely useful when interpreting and analysing financial data for clients.

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With advancements in neuroscience and technology it might be possible to upload a human mind to a computer.

Specialised computer chips could provide benefits such as telepathy, enhanced memory and paralysis treatments.

A new Mc Kinsey report warns that machines and AI could destroy another 73 million U. jobs by 2030, displacing up to 800 million workers worldwide.

A study by Ball State University estimates that 5 million U. factory jobs have been lost to automation since 2000.

In fact, five of the key skills for future employment involve the use of key human skills such as: Surveying the latest list of prospective new jobs of 2050 provides an interesting insight as to where the global career market may be headed.

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Take a look at a list of five possible jobs of the future along with some of the world leading universities offering courses to launch your prospective career!

With Space X advancing space travel faster than we could imagine a decade ago, it could be time for potential pilots to reach beyond the skies.

Today’s zoologists could play a critical role in recreating species that have already become extinct by reintegrating the newly recreated species into the natural environments of their extinct predecessors.

As an analytical thinker, your skills are invaluable in the workplace—your ability to deal with complex issues can lead to better processes and business outcomes.

Analytical thinkers can often find success in several fields, but here are five particular roles that could suit this personality trait to a T.


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