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Such games are known for stimulating discussion as well as improving logic and problem-solving skills. Teach your kids to think of multiple solutions to a problem.

This default thinking, however, can get us into big trouble if used when critical thinking is needed.

Given the amount of fake news, propaganda, and poorly-checked information circulating on the web these days, our thinking should be in critical mode each time we go online.

If you wonder why teaching kids critical thinking is important, think of it as of protecting them from possible manipulation, fraud, and scams.

Alternatively, consider critical thinking a mental skill that will help them succeed academically and professionally.

If you want your kids to learn to think critically, give them time and topic. Give them time and space to practice their thinking. So, imagine you’re applying this technique to situation at your child’s school—he got a lower than expected grade on his history test.

For instance, you can watch a cartoon and then ask your kids to think about the behavior of the main character. You can ask “why.” Answer one: “I didn’t remember the date to the Battle of Waterloo.” Ask “why” again.

” Answer four: “I thought more of the test would cover the details of the French Revolution.” And finally, “why?

” Answer five: “We covered the French Revolution a lot during class.

Answer two: “I didn’t study the Battle of Waterloo enough.” Ask “why” a third time.

Answer three: “I was more worried about remembering the timeline of the French Revolution.” And again—“why?


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