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This paper is a requirement for all college degrees and is never simple to write.There is a given structure you must follow and there is no way around it. You need a topic that has previously not been done, your idea must be unique and thus your findings should be your own.The chapters devoted to the analysis of political and administrative corruption in Italy, France, and Britain provide yet other examples of how illegal practices may be imputed to one cause in one context and its opposite in another.

Each chapter contains an implicit rejection of generalizations and attention is paid to variations and differences.

Rather than searching for a unified theory of crime, the author highlights the interpretive oscillations, which always occur when we are faced with criminal behaviour.

In other words, each time we subscribe to one cause of crime we may realize that also the opposite cause possesses some reasonable validity.

The originality of this book consists of the ‘causality of contraries’ running through the chapters, whereby a tentative aetiology identified in one context finds its complete overturning in another.

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Core modules in second year provide a deeper coverage of the range of criminological knowledge.

In your second you may study Criminological Thought, Understanding Criminological Fieldwork and Measuring Crime, Research Methodology; Sociology of Crime and Deviance, Criminological thought, Measuring Crime, Understanding Criminological Fieldwork.

Duration of undergraduate criminology degree is of three years.

Here are some topics you may study while earning your degree.


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