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And more than a century and a half ago, American writer Edgar Allan Poe argued that, after the short poem, the short story is the form in which a writer can achieve the most powerful impact on readers.In this course we will examine a wide array of short stories, with an emphasis on British, American, and Canadian works from the mid-nineteenth century to the present.Students in the third and fourth year of the University of Calgary Collaboratice BA Program are eligible to take 300-level English courses.

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We will discuss individual short stories throughout the course, though we will also study Alice Munro’s brilliant collection of interconnected short stories—Lives of Girls and Women—in order to extend our discussion of the genre and interrogate the sometimes shifting or ambiguous boundaries between the novel and the short story.

This course provides instruction and practice in the foundations of writing literary fiction.

We too will begin with Carroll’s Alice books and Mac Donald’s classic The Princess and the Goblin and then focus on what is often called the Golden Age of Children’s Literature (1890-1910) before moving on to modern literature.

In our study of classic children’s literature, we will focus on the changing conceptions of childhood, the symbolic importance of the child and of parents, the relationship between children’s literature and early developments in child psychology, and children’s literature as a vehicle for questions of faith, philosophy, and society.

A strong academic average in writing‐based courses is highly recommended.

This course will explore literature by Indigenous Canadian and Native American writers, focusing predominantly on the texts of First Nations, Inuit, and Metis authors.Writing exercises will focus on word play, developing evocative language, the need for technically accurate and credible dialogue, identifying and mastering various narrative shifts such as exposition, and understanding the necessity for tension, conflict, characterization, and plot.Considerable time will be spent reading and studying peer work and existing examples of excellent writing.This course does not provide instruction in writing genre fiction or non-fiction.Participation in the workshop environment is essential.For a full list of courses that are offered from time to time, consult the RDC Academic Calendar. University of Calgary courses First-Year Courses: ENGL 219 (Essay Composition and Critical Reading) and ENGL 220 (Literary Analysis)These first-year courses introduce students to the fundamentals of English studies.ENGL 219 is a course on writing the academic essay and the critical reading of non-fiction prose.Consult your instructor for more information about the particular focus and literary content of your specific section.NOTE: Credit will not be granted for both ENGL 219 and ENGL 210.By positioning poetry in relation to philosophy, this course will address contemporary literary and philosophical issues surrounding environmentalism, identity formation, and other political concerns through reading and studying poetry.There will be no required textbook for this course, as most of the readings are freely available online.


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