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Organizations do NOT have to take every person who wants to volunteer and, therefore, they prefer people who seem to want to be there rather than those that have to be.Once you find out about volunteering at the organization, and if you are interested in that volunteering, then you say, "I will need a letter by a certain date (and provide that date) that says how many hours I have volunteered at the organization, what I did as a volunteer, etc.

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It is your responsibility to make prior arrangements with each organization where you wish to volunteer and to ask if they are able to meet your documentation requirements.

An organization has every right to fire you / let you go as a volunteer, no matter how urgently you need to complete your community service.

Therefore, your mandated community service will need to be done at a registered nonprofit organization or through a government agency, and it will have to be approved by the court or your probation officer or school before you begin it.

A registered nonprofit is one that has a federal tax i.d. If you aren't sure if an organization is a registered nonprofit, ask if they have a federal tax id number, or look up the organization on, a database of all registered nonprofit organizations in the USA.

You may also be permitted to volunteer with a for-profit company if that company provides services to the community and involves volunteers, such as a for-profit hospital, a for-profit hospice or a for-profit retirement community (but not a restaurant, a motorcycle shop, a computer store, a pet store, etc.).

Check with your probation officer, your court liaison, a teacher at your school, or whomever has assigned you with community service to make sure before you begin working with such an organization.

Volunteering with nonprofit organizations with religious affiliations, such as Habitat for Humanity or the Boy Scouts of America, is usually permitted, but check with your probation officer, your court liaison, a teacher at your school, or whomever has assigned you with community service to make sure.

Note that you do not have to express any religious affiliation or a belief in God to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, but you DO have to express a belief in God in order to volunteer for the Boy Scouts (and note that you do NOT have to profess any religious faith to volunteer with the Girl Scouts of the USA).

Introduction Have you been assigned community service hours by a court? By your school as a requirement for a class or for graduation?

No matter the reason you have been assigned mandatory community service, there are a lot of options for you to complete your required service.


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