Compulsory Military Service Should Be Abolished In All Countries Essay

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While struggling with Rif and Jrada protests, controversial sentences of activists and arrest of journalists, resilient Boycott Movement, and other aspects of deepening social malaise,” he said.

According to Cherkaoui, “Certain centers of power in Rabat thought the military service could be an ‘innovative’ strategy of containing the multi-layered crisis and shifting the public discourse.”The professor also questioned whether the bill would mitigate social inequality in the country. At the end of the 12-month training period, young people who completed the service would receive payment, according to Article 5 of the bill.

From the group’s point of view, military service cannot help solve young people’s issues.“It remains merely a patchwork solution that shows the inability of the state to solve basic problems,” the statement reads.

On September 20, El Khalfi said that if passed in Parliament, the military service bill might come into force as early as the end of 2019.

“Can not this ‘better life’ be granted to Morocco or are there things that prevent this?

”El Khalfi asserted earlier this month that Morocco has “great job opportunities,” emphasizing the government’s determination to fight migration networks.

” he concluded.‘Can not this “better life” be granted to Morocco?

’On Friday, Minister of Youth and Sports Rachid Talbi Alami said that Moroccans should be able to find a better life in their motherland instead of putting their lives in danger through undocumented emigration.

The party also called on the government to communicate with people.

According to Nizar, mandatory service may bear fruit if the government issues a full package with reforms in all sectors.


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