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He remembers how he used to go there all the time, and how he was different, but the wax figures were always the same.He realizes that he can’t go back in time, because he is not the same as he used to be. Salinger’s use of symbolism in I chose this piece of writing because I felt that it was well written, and it was about a book that I enjoyed.

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Even though it is just a patch of it, Holden often uses it to his advantage when he wants to be seen as an adult, like when he is at clubs trying to order alcohol or he is trying to talk to women, but at the end, it does not turn out to be what he had expected.

Other symbols included in "The Catcher in the Rye" are ducks in the lagoon in Central Park and the racing skates are important to the development of the story.

This relates to the theme of going home, which is a recurring theme during the novel.

The novel is basically his slow return to his home, and he is wondering whether he should go home or stay outside and freeze.

I think that is one of the strengths of this piece, because I was really happy when I saw all the connections, and it all started to come together.

I was really satisfied with the content, although I didn't really like the length, although it looks so much smaller on the web!One of the most noticeable symbols in the story is the red hunting hat.The hat symbolizes Holden's uniqueness and his desire to be the one who stands out from the crowd. "What I did was, I pulled the old peak of my hunting hat around to the front, then pulled it way down over my eyes. They all represent Holden in a way, and Salinger uses these symbols very well. Three major symbols were the ducks, the Museum of Natural History, and Jane Gallagher.He also realizes that he will never be the same as he used to be. It was also one of the few books that I was actually able to finish.I was able to read into this book very well, and I noticed a lot of the symbolism, which helped write this essay.He mentions that he will call her, but he never gets the nerve to.She is an important part of his past that he misses a lot, and he wants to go back and be with her again.These symbols help to story to develop better and they also give a lot of insight to reader about what the main character is feeling. While Holden is wandering around New York City, he asks many people about what happens to the ducks in the pond when it freezes. He isn’t really wondering about the ducks, he is wondering about himself.


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