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Case Studies In Forensic Science-17
Near about entry door 16-17 kelu (bricks) were found removed from their normal position and thus creating a hole in the roof.The height of roof from the floor was found approximately 15 feet.

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Below this hole, partially burnt newspaper was spread on the stone slab having dimension approximately 7'x1' and height 6' from the floor.

The dust and other objects were found undisturbed on this stone slab.

Some 1.5 meter apart from this hole, a single clay-tile was found removed from its normal position thereby indicating that first unsuccessful attempt to create a hole in the roof was offered here.

Upon careful examinations of removed kelu and created hole, it was observed that burning effect and soot deposition was found only on the floor facing lower part of kelu.

In these types of cases the forensic expert must be thoroughly familiar with all aspects of homicide, suicide and accident investigation.

Reconstruction of Crime Scene; Homicide; Suicide Forensic experts in mobile unit in Rajasthan routinely visited various "Scene of Occurrence" to assist the investigating agencies, to collect and preserve the clue materials left by the culprit at the spot for laboratory examination [1,2].

Visit for more related articles at Journal of Forensic Research Protection of spot of occurrence is very important for the investigation purpose.

In a suspicious death case requires the greatest efforts on the part of forensic expert who visits the crime scene.

i) Spot: The said house contained two successive rooms and an open verandah.

The outer side room opens into alleged room via an iron door.


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