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One limitation is that the app doesn't support equations with brackets.

The app solves the equations - the idea is that parents can use it to verify the results that their kids get, without having to remain up to date with complex algebra, though you might want to keep your kids away from smartphones in that case. i Mathematicsi Mathematics lets you type in equations and solves them for you.

My Script Calculator This app recognises your handwriting, so you can draw equations on the screen and it will solve them right away. We like this app very much, but it doesn't always recognise handwriting perfectly.

It supports basic arithmetic, square and cube roots, apart from trigonometry, logarithms and percentages. Getting it to perform a simple cube root calculation was a problem because it couldn't recognise our input properly. My Script Calculator is free on i OS and Android.5.

Scientific Calculator (for Windows Phone)While this app has the same name as our choice for Android, the two are from different companies and look and work differently too.

However, this app does have a nice interface, functions from exponential to logarithmic to trigonometric functions.The only downside is that unlike Photomath however, with i Mathematics, you have to enter the equations manually - you can't just take a picture of the equations.i Mathematics is available for free on i OS and Android.You can unlock the pro version with an in-app purchase.4.That said, the app does a great job with basic arithmetic problems and algebraic equations.The app shows solutions on screen and shows a "Steps" prompt that shows how it solved the problem.It also has a separate tab for history where you can see the calculations you have carried out.Windows Phone users can download Scientific Calculator for free.8.It also keeps a log of all the equations it has solved, so you can quickly refer to an older problem if needed. The Android app is expected next year, according to the developer's website.2.Solve4x This free i OS app comes with an equation solver where you can either manually type in an equation for it to solve, or you can snap a picture and automatically process the entire equation.You can also use a photo that's already been saved to the gallery.It works with printed text, and even then there can be some garbled text, so a little light text editing after the picture is taken is required at times.


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