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Learn More“Best in class" organizations don't always receive "best in class" coverages.

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For illustrative purposes, we will explore these steps in the context of a single exposure – a tornado.

Depending on your proximity to a large metropolitan area, getting back to business after a tornado may take longer or cost more than expected.

Contemplating these scenarios and understanding the potential loss can help you create a recovery plan that actually works.

Getting Back to Business Remember that risk management, while complicated, does not have to be chaotic.

Silver Stone Group helps clients create customized retirement plans that match their corporate philosophy. Learn More Silver Stone Group provides actuarial, consulting and administrative services for clients who offer their retired employees medical and life insurance benefits. Learn More Compensation and benefit packages provided to top management can play a significant role in motivating and retaining top talent.

Our plans keep your company on track while appealing to the key executives. Learn More Silver Stone Group specializes in providing benefit services including executive and sales compensation, group incentive plans, base compensation and total rewards strategies. Learn More Silver Stone Group will work diligently to help you achieve all of your personal objectives.Nelson Learn More We work by our core values and know that what we do and what we believe has the potential to affect everyone we do business with.We truly care about how our world views us and try to place others and our community at the forefront of every decision. A sampling of WAG activities includes Lunches with WAG, Body Bucks, healthy snack initiatives, Farmer’s Markets and teams for walks, runs and other events promoting physical activity. We live and work in a world where catastrophic events happen and businesses are forced to close down for days, weeks, months – sometimes longer.For example, business interruption insurance is traditionally part of a property policy, which would likely exclude all claims related to cyber loss.Specialized coverage is typically needed, which can be pricey and demand large deductibles.There are many lower-cost strategies to manage this risk, and we encourage you to start with a disaster recovery plan.Many industries are now required to have a disaster recovery plan, including hospitals and medical providers receiving Medicare or Medicaid funds.While insurance can be an excellent risk transfer vehicle, it’s important to know when it’s not the best solution.There are major coverage gaps when it comes to business interruption.Learn More Words from our Associates: “Silver Stone Group has a very flexible work environment with excellent benefits. To avoid a massive loss that could permanently close your doors, you need a solid disaster recovery plan.Our company also offers countless opportunities to further develop our skills and expertise.” Learn More Hurricanes. Catastrophic events can have a direct impact (i.e., a wildfire burns down your headquarters) or an indirect impact (i.e., your key supplier was crippled by a cybercriminal).


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