Brave New World Criticism Essays

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However, as “wordless conditioning is crude and wholesale” and it “cannot bring home the finer distinctions, cannot inculcate the more complex courses of behavior” it was decided to introduce an additional source of scientific manipulation – hypnopædia (Huxley 21).

As a result, all the necessary behavioral and thinking patterns being in the State’s best interest were put into people’s minds.

The illusion of happiness being generated artificially and by violent force leads to total obedience from the direction of society and guarantees firmness of the foundations proclaimed in the motto of the World State: “COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY” (Huxley 5). If you can’t demonstrate good writing skills in your essay, don’t worry, there is a way out – use Essy

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Science is considered to be the fundamental power controlling this system as it has reached significant progress by the beginning of the narration.

However, the most essential scientific achievements in the novel have been mostly focused on the implementation of total control over the citizens of the World State, and also over all spheres of their lives.

He does so by portraying a future BNW society that is supposedly perfect in every way. , he creates a utopian society that achieves happiness at the expense of humanity.

Though thoroughly repugnant to the reader, the world Huxley creates seems almost plausible because he fashions it out of...

Similarly to other dystopias, the World State’s political system is presented by a totalitarian regime which, in its turn, is closely connected with science as well.

World Controllers use conventional methods of bringing society under control for implementing their power including compulsion, violence, and ubiquitous propaganda, but the actual realization of this power is executed, again, by means of technologies.


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