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About: I'm a physics and chemistry teacher at a public school in Maryland and active in my local science teacher's association.I love building things and am teaching myself how to use arduino in electronics projec...In a paper published here, the team breaks down a theoretical model for analyzing blood stains. The first thing to observe in the splatter marks is the size of droplets, frequency, placement, and shape.

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A quick web search for software compatible with the operating system of your computer will reveal many options. Open the photo analysis software and import your photograph into the program. Establish the scale for your photograph using the protractor.

This is done by clicking and dragging across one inch of the protractor scale visible in the photograph and entering the length of that region as one inch, then repeating for a vertical portion of the protractor that you can measure and then enter to establish a scaled distance. Set the units of measure you wish to use for your measurements. Click and drag across any distances you want to measure, such as diameters of blood droplets, lengths of blood trails, etc. One rubric I use if students have an opportunity to research the analysis of blood splatter before beginning their investigation, and the other is a shorter form if time did not permit that time for background research.

I present the class with the challenge of determining what happened at the scene of the "Clean Getaway." I provide them with a series of digital photos taken of parts of the floor at the crime scene. Materials for making fake blood: shampoo (this is why its called the clean getaway!

) a generous amount of red food coloring a few drops of blue food coloring The amount of coloring you need depends on the original color of the shampoo.

I example I showed in the photograph uses Logger Pro software which includes both photo and video analysis features and can be obtained from Vernier Software at

This technique is also available in many different software packages including open source programs.Once the fake blood has dried a little, place a protractor on the paper and photograph it from directly above the paper.I created six different crime scene photographs so that each of my lab groups had a separate photograph to analyze during the activity.The end result has to be an accurate enough play by play of the crime to hold up in court.For a long time, forensic science has been an inexact art, but now a team of physicists is bringing concrete physics into the picture.The crew was able to come to their physical analysis of blood splatter analysis through carefully examining slow motion footage of pig's blood being shot with a gun.The physical models created from these experiments will be able to more accurately help forensic scientists model each crime committed.depending on the research question you are attempting to answer. After completing their investigation the students will have their analysis of their own blood splatters and the crime scene. For example, how is the diameter of the droplet affected by the height from which the droplet is released. Add text annotations to the photograph to explain the known blood splatter patterns were created. Once you think you have a good color, smear a little on white paper to see the color.Other materials: disposable gloves for students lab aprons for students large knife smeared with fake blood and put inside evidence bag (I used a plastic baggie with a zipper closure.) supply of fake blood for students prepared crime science blood spatters protractors meter sticks ring stands small boards masking tape graph paper digital camera access to a computer photo analysis software To prepare the blood splatter for the students to analyze, smear the fake blood on the knife and use several different motions to create splatter on a piece of graph paper.


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