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Students will learn about: the challenges of conducting research; about research design, including how to generate a research question and how to select a research method; the relative strengths and weaknesses of alternative research methods; some of the practical and ethical dos and don’ts of doing fieldwork; and, preparing for the dissertation.

The archive of prizewinning dissertations showcases the best MSc dissertations from previous years.

If you wish to have more copies of your thesis bound for your personal collection, you may utilize UMI's one-time-only author discount offer, the University Copy. It is usually a requirement that you submit bound copies of your dissertation / honours project (please check the unit handbook for details). Note: You must follow these guidelines to format your thesis/dissertation for the.

Theses - we can hard bind theses and dissertations according to. What is the difference between embossing lettering on the spine upwards and downwards?

Useful links Print Shop and Uni Print of research theses Please speak to a member of staff at the Taylor Library if you need help with printing on the MFDs or, get in touch with staff at The Print Shop if your query relates to printing and binding.

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: Discursive trends and policy-making in aid to Central America’s Northern Triangle Isabella Shraiman Best Overall Performance International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies 2017-AR (PDF) Humanitarian Reform and the Localisation Agenda: Insights from Social Movement and Organisational Theory Alice Robinson Winner of the Prize for Best Overall Performance International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies (IDHE) 2017-ACY (PDF) The Hidden Costs of a Successful Developmental State: Prosperity and Paucity in Singapore Agnes Chew Yunquian Winner of the Prize for Best Overall Performance Development Managament 2017-HK (PDF) Premature Deindustrialization and Stalled Development, the Fate of Countries Failing Structural Transformation?

Helen Kirsch Winner of the Best Dissertation in Programme Development Studies 2017-HZ (PDF) ‘Bare Sexuality’ and its Effects on Understanding and Responding to Intimate Partner Sexual Violence in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)Heather Zimmerman Winner of the Best Dissertation in Programme International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies (IDHE) 2017-KT (PDF) Is Good Governance a Magic Bullet?


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